Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tea Time!!

Malia is turning 3 in November.  She is so excited about having her friends over for a birthday party.  But not just a birthday party.  She wants a tea party!  Little angel can spend hours playing with her little tea cup and pot. 

So the plans begin!

Invites need to designed.... I went to my friends at Pickles and Popcorn for them.  They listened to what I wanted and came up with my special invite!  The price was right and quite honestly, you can't go wrong with them!  They have an amazing line of products.  Not just invitations or announcements.  They a wide variety of items.  Don't forget that Christmas is coming.  You might want to get a jump on your Christmas cards!  (I'm just saying!) Check them out HERE

Here is the invite (and naturally, for privacy, I have eliminated my personal info)

Besides the obvious... we need dress up wear!  Tutus, boas, hats, gloves, and pearls for all the little girls that are coming!

And to make sure they have something to carry all these goodies home....

There will be little boys there too.... so we need to make sure they have something to wear!  (I'm betting they are not going to love the pink bags either!) oops!

My cousin is making the special cupcakes.  I'm not sure what is up her sleeve, but she indicated that she had a plan forming in her mind.

We still have tables to gather, a photo corner to make (for the photo session we are going to have).  Time is running out fast!  Stay tuned for the madness that is us!
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